Fun? Nuf.

Panic at the disco (pun intended)

I went to to an amusement park in Sentul, Bogor, West Java along with some colleagues in my internship office last Sunday. We were allowed to brought along our friends so I decided to ask my good friend Ruthie to join us. Ruri was also there with her friend Lodya.

Firstly, there was a some kind of a treasure hunt game where we had to reach a number of posts in less than 60 minutes. When the game ended, we were allowed to wander around the amusement park and rode some vehicles.

There was a devilish thing vehicle called “Disko” which turned you up and down and spun you around in maximum speed. Ruthie, Ruri, Lodya, and me decided to ride it. I had to give it a try to know if it was worth it or not (since I’ve never been to an amusement park in my entire life like seriously. Well okay, I’ve been to one when I was 4, but of course I couldn’t recall my first impression).

The vehicle started to move and for the next few minutes I heard everybody around me screaming in joy. I couldn’t help but thinking how HORRIBLE it was (yes, HORRIBLE in capital letters). The vehicle hurt my whole body and gave me a mega headache. The seat wasn’t quite safe either. I felt like I could die crashing the ground anytime it paused up in the air.

I wondered for countless times why everyone said that it was “fun”.

Lodya and me got off the vehicle all sick and nauseated. She threw up in the toilet immediately. We took pills to reduce our queasiness. The pills took away our pain and made us drowsy. So we went to the first post to take a rest while Ruthie and Ruri were queuing for another “fun” vehicle.

Oddly enough, on our way home we made fun of that vehicle. Lodya kept saying that it was a disaster. I couldn’t agree more.

Ah. I should conclude that going to an amusement park is not (and will never be) my idea of having fun.

Adinda S. Rahayu


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