Listen: The Birth of A Supermodel

I haven’t been digging any new music lately. Except Foster The People’s second release, Supermodel. Released in March 2014, the songs in Supermodel are familiar to those who followed their gigs in 2013. Yep, Foster have provided their fans with a glance of their new album even before its official release.

Supermodel art cover (doc.

My first impression after seeing the album cover was, “Oh, so pretty!” Designed by Young & Sick (with concepts from Mark Foster), the lyrics booklet inside is also as colorful as the front cover. It will stand out in your record shelves.

Front cover
Pretty inside & out
Lyrics booklet for "Goats In Trees" and "The Truth". The written lyrics aren't quite readable unless if you take a closer look

Aside from that, Foster have traveled (half) the world to get this record done. With amazing culture encounters in India to Morocco, this album is an album of a wanderlust.

We can hear a touch of African music in the opening track, “Are You What You Want To Be?” Something we have never heard from Foster before. A number of retrospective and soothing tracks like “Nevermind”, “Fire Escape”, and “The Truth” also make this album even more colorful. One of my personal favorites is “Best Friend”. A very dance-able track which sounds like a missing piece from Foster’s debut album, Torches.

As a fan, it’s safe to say that I’m not disappointed with Supermodel. But I am not entirely satisfied either. It has a number of great songs with great lyrics and meaning. You’ll find these quotable lyrics:

Never mind what you’re looking for / You’ll always find what you’re looking for / Sometimes it’s blinding in the race / But I’ll be smiling when I see your face.

– Foster The People, “Nevermind”

You know I’ve tried to live without regrets / Always moving forward and not looking back.

– Foster The People, “Coming of Age”

There is a hope for the hopeless / I can promise you that … The truth stands in the end / While you’re deciding what to do.

– Foster The People, “The Truth”

So far, Supermodel is an interesting album with an interesting new approach from Foster The People. But I don’t know if it’s just me or Foster has lost their “innocence” in this album. Supermodel is mature and retrospective, like a tale of an adventurer who has just returned from his long journey and finding himself musing about the world in a new perspective.

After all, Supermodel is an enjoyable, fun record to be listened during a trip to the place you’ve never been. I give 3 out of 5 stars for this album.

Best tracks: “Coming of Age”, “Best Friend”, “Nevermind”, “Ask Yourself”

Adinda S. Rahayu


2 pemikiran pada “Listen: The Birth of A Supermodel

  1. Ah, thank you so much for sharing this review, Adinda! I want to listen to new music lately, and having mentioned that the tracks are inspired by the band’s wanderlust seems interesting to listen to.:)

    1. Yup, FTP’s Supermodel is a worth listening album despite its lack of cheerfulness. It’s actually my pleasure to know you took time to read my blog, Patti! ^^

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