Sondre’s Serenade

This is a really late post. I should’ve posted this last week but I’ve got loads of work so I couldn’t. (If you really spare your time to read this post then thank you!)

I think it is safe to say that November was the toughest month of the year for me. And watching Sondre Lerche was a perfect way to say goodbye to November.

Finally hit the stage (via @SondreLerche's Twitter)
Finally hit the stage (via @SondreLerche’s Twitter)

I went to The 37th Jazz Goes to Campus Festival, an annual jazz music festival held by the students of University of Indonesia, with my good friend Ruthie. After wandering around the venue for a while, we watched ESQI:EF’s performance at about 8 PM. Their performance was so energetic and powerful. I enjoyed it although I didn’t know any of their songs.

We moved to Jansport stage (the stage where Sondre performed) at 8.30-ish PM and it was crowded already. We crowd-surfed in order to get a better view. I didn’t know how many people we’d annoyed. Sorry bruh and sis.

Sondre appeared at 9.20 PM. The MC was about to do a short interview with him, for fun purposes only but Sondre turned down the request immediately. “I’m here for the concert, not for an interview,” he said. The audience cheered as he began to play the intro of the opening song, “Legends”.

His performance in JGTC was actually a part of his new album’s tour, Please, so he mostly sang his new songs like “Lucifer”, “Sentimentalist”, and “Crickets”. He played some of his old songs too. I sang my heart out to “My Hands Are Shaking”, “Airport Taxi Reception”, “Say It All”, “Dead Passengers”, and of course “Hell No”, which is a fun song to sing-along, just like the one he did in Bandung last year. He also played “Like Lazenby”, one of my favorite songs from Heartbeat Radio so I sang ‘till my throat felt sore.

In the middle of the concert Sondre suddenly asked, “Gue ganteng gak?!” (Am I handsome?!) He asked twice and I laughed so hard when I realized what he actually said! Yes you are, Sondre! Why worried? Haha.

I took some photos with my camera phone but they all were so blurry! This one was taken by Ruthie, whose camera phone took better quality photos.
I took some photos with my camera phone but they all were so blurry! This one was taken by Ruthie, whose camera phone took better quality photos.

Sondre ended his performance with “Bad Law”. I danced to that song although it wasn’t exactly my favorite. I requested him to play “Almighty Moon” since I had dreamed to dance under the moonlight with that song, but he didn’t play it.

He promised us to come to Indonesia with a full band. He also confirmed that he and his Indonesian fans had a special relationship, which made me and Ruthie laughed because we thought of another kind of relationship haha.

My brother picked me up not long after that. Ruthie cancelled her plan to watch Tulus because the stage was crowded already when she got there. Oh and there was no encore from Sondre even though we had shouted “encore!”, “we want more!”, and such. When I got home I checked his social media to find his apology for the absence of the encore.

I personally think that his performance in Bandung last year was better than this one. Maybe because he seemed… A little troubled this time? I don’t know though. I also noticed that the audience was quieter. Hmm. There is no way to say it all.

Adinda S. Rahayu


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