The first half of 2015 is nearly gone and I neglected one of my (so-called) 2015 resolutions: keeping my blog updated.

Many things happened while I wasn’t here. I really wanted to write but sadly I couldn’t make time. So to make things short, I would just tell you a few bites of it.

Re-prioritize! Throw away things that block you from your dreams. Keep those who matter the most close to your heart. (Image:

Went to see #SS6INA

Many good friends of mine just couldn’t believe it when I told them this. But I really did go to see Super Junior’s Super Show! I remembered back in the day when I was just an alien to a K-Pop world (well thanks to my college mates to choke K-Pop music down on my throat), I already fell for it. And I had this wishful thinking to go to a K-Pop concert without spending a mere penny. Well, years later, as you see, I was lucky enough to see Super Junior in Jakarta.

As expected, I had a great time during the concert. Donghae wore sunglasses 90% of the time because of his swollen eye. Enchanted by Ryewook’s amazing rendition of “Bunga Terakhir”. Heechul-nim’s pretty ways (he was too pretty for sure). Eunhyuk’s sincere speech about leaving ELFs for a while because of his enlistment. Leeteuk’s words: when you are sad please remember this moment, the moment when we were together. Henry’s derpy face (seriously, I thought he had problem on controlling his facial expressions. He was soo energetic and lively!)

I was even caught in a baper delusional mode because of Kyuhyun. *laugh now* He was in a very good mood, jumping around the stage and making fun of everything. While queuing on the entrance gate before the show, somebody made banner project to be shown to Super Junior members during “Too Many Beautiful Girls” song. The banner itself read: Thank you handsome! So, I did what I was told, I held the banner during that song. Kyu came near my section and he waved to us happily. As he walked away, I kept calling his name while holding the banner. He unexpectedly turned back to me us. He saw my banner and danced cheerfully just for me. I was too ecstatic for words. Whoever made this banner project, you were brilliant! I wish you many happy years ahead.

A glimpse thought to record the moment flashed my mind but even if I could record it, it would have been blurry because the crappy quality of my camera phone. So I just decided to cherish it while it lasted. For the note, I really cherished every single bite of SS6. #SS6INAROCKS

Weekends are never enough

After five days of struggling with work and traffic jams, I need a relaxing weekend where I can recharge energy of my mind and body. Sometimes I want a weekend where I can lie down all day long, writing for my blog, drawing (I haven’t done this in more than a month), finish the book I’m currently reading (just started A Game of Thrones), and such. But of course I still have to socialize. Doing volunteer works with Taman Baca Bulian, visiting my relatives, catching up with my close friends, having a silly good time with my brothers, or simply doing house chores…. I think I just need to reprioritize things I have to do during weekends. Above all, I also planned to get my driving license this year and take a foreign language course. I’m still confused whether I should take Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin class. (Got suggestion for me maybe?)

That’s all I’ve got to tell you this time. See you on the next post! Hopefully it would be more useful than this rant.

And oh, Ramadan Mubarak for you who have to fast in this holy month. Wish you a very blessed Ramadan.


2 pemikiran pada “Re-prioritize

  1. adinda, i’m so happy you got to see one of your faves! i was giggling while reading “As he walked away, I kept calling his name while holding the banner. He unexpectedly turned back to me us. He saw my banner and danced cheerfully just for me. I was too ecstatic for words.” brilliant fangirl moment, that was! .< it's great to know you've been doing volunteer works on weekends.

    hope you can push through your other plans for the year! all the best, and may you have a blessed ramadan.

    1. OMG Patti I just saw your comment! YES TRUE THAT, it was an ultimate brilliant fangirl moment. XD Thank you for your kind wishes! I also hope you can achieve many things written on your bucket list this year. 😀

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