After the Feast

Src: 8bitfiction | tumblr

Eid mubarak and happy holidays to you all. Praying to those who celebrated Eid in war and conflicts. It’s always saddening to hear about people who hurt each other.

This Eid is also a battle for me. My first Eid during my healing process. I find myself yearning for last year’s Eid atmosphere. More time well spent with my younger cousins. Although we were merely doing meaningless stuff.

Hanging out in a hill and swimming park near my aunt’s house. Slept/took a nap under a tree. Ate from the street food stall. Took many unpublished hilarious selfies. Conducted a silly smartphone “racing” competition (participants were asked to slide their phones down the hill, the fastest phone that reached the valley was the winner).

What a heart warming memory.

And last year was the last time I actually received “uang hari raya”, token sums of money given from relatives during religious festivies (especially for children and underages). Means that I am no longer considered underage?


On the other hand, disappointments are everywhere. Even from people you care the most. There are a few of them who are supposed to survive with you through the hardest of times, but they did not. It served as a reminder that we can never rely on people, ever.

Also, have you ever felt the urge to reach to a friend who needs help, but unfortunately you can’t because you rarely talk to this particular person? Do you know some safe alternatives to reach this friend without hurting their feelings or being awkward?

This year’s Eid made me reflect, that the universe has already forced the earlier stages of maturity upon me. I have no choice but to keep going.

I wish myself for quick recovery. I wish for more good to happen. In the end, there is more good than bad, isn’t there?


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