​Pokémon Go: Their World Is Closer than You Think

Pocket monsters. | Src: comingsoon(dot)net

As you may have heard, Pokemon Go is a huge buzz now. Since its release last week, Pokemon Go is already on the headlines in any game and tech news site (even on this blog, which belongs to neither).

Pokemon is a popular franchise. Among people who grew up in mid 90’s to early 00’s, Pokemon is a part of their childhood.

Back then, I also had a huge Pokemon phase. I never missed an episode of the anime on local TV station every week, collected the cards, watched the DVDs, and played Pokemon tazos (small round disks found as a bonus toy inside a bag of chips) with my friends and brothers. And so on.

Fun fact: I used to memorize all the 151 names of the first gen Pokemon in particular order, from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo.

Yes, I used to memorize this entire list. | Scanned by: Zack

Even the very first actual book/novel that I read was Pokemon related: a novelization of Mewtwo Strikes Back the movie. It’s the only surviving copy of all my Pokemon books I owned back then, mostly the ones written by Tracey West.
Are you one one them who’s ever dreamed of catching and training real pokemons?
Pokemon Go allows its players to become “real” pokemon trainer. As players, we are able to catch wild pokemons using smartphone, thanks to maps and AR technology.

Aerial view

Wherever we go, we will encounter wild pokemons and we can keep them inside the pokeballs. Some pokemons can be found on its natural habitats. Such as water type pokemons are likely to inhabit rivers, ponds, and lakes, or grass type pokemons in a park or city forest nearby.
Pokemon Go also encourages users to go to Pokestops, a base where we can get pokeballs, potions, lure, and other merchandise for free. Pokestops are usually located in landmarks, statues, or monuments nearby. In my neighborhood, you’ll find most Pokestops in local masjids (mosques) and churches.
When you reach level 5, you can battle with other PokeGo users in Pokemon Gym. You can also choose among three teams available (Team Valor, Mystic, and Instinct).

Things you’d want to know before starting your career as a Pokemon Go trainer include….

1. Explore

Whether you’re in classroom or parking lot, there may be some wild pokemons around you. You are also likely to discover new places in your neighborhood which you haven’t encountered before. PokeGo is also an excellent tool to do a bit walking exercise. Prepare to be surprised. Don’t forget to stay alert! (We’ll talk about this later).
2. Socialize

When you go out to explore, chances are you will also meet fellow pokemon trainers. It’s always exciting to reach to people who like something in common with you. Get ready when they spill the beans (“I found Gengar over there!”).

I recently stumbled upon this Tumblr where the owner, Marlee, shared her experience going to a rather crowded Pokestop.
Most importantly, make sure they don’t mind to socialize, as some people would rather be left alone.
3. Learn some tricks

Pokemon Go only offers a few number of tips and tricks to be advanced in the game. It will be nice to learn some new tricks to boost your PokeGo career.

Google them. Find online forums and discussions like Reddit or Tumblr. Whether as an active member or silent reader, it’s your choice. But it’s nice to leave positive feedbacks for tips you find useful.

Now, safety tips.

Sounds boring?

No. Because nothing is more valuable compared to your health and safety.

1. Stay alert of your surroundings

Perks of being a PokeGo trainer include going out to discover more and more wild pokemons. It’s not a wise idea to keep your eyes peeled to the smartphone screen all the time.

 PSA released by The Tennessee Highway Safety Office

You might have read and heard news about incidents related to Pokemon Go. It will be safer (and fun) if you play with friends and other PokeGo enthusiasts.
Here’s what Niantics said regarding PokeGo players’ safety.
2. Bring portable charger and wifi hotspot

This game drains your mobile data and battery. Make sure to grab a portable charger (and wifi hotspot if possible) to support your pokemon-hunting adventure.

As for me, I’m not a quite devoted PokeGo fan. I just want to experience its hype, be fascinated when I find pokemons near me, and simply to relive & cherish a loving childhood memory.

Have fun and catch ’em all!


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